Fact Sheet | How to Style a Bed

Posted By MyPad Property Styling  

There are always endless opportunities when it comes to styling a bedroom- what colour palette do I use, what patterns/ textures do I add, do I use an upholstered bedhead or a bed-frame- the list could go on! By following these 7 simple steps you will create a space that is cohesive, functional and complement the existing features of the room.


  1. White Linen

By using white linen, you are creating a timeless, fresh space which makes it easier to incorporate any style with. Along with all the styling benefits, white bed linen has a calming effect on your mood, leaving you to sleep soundly at night.


  1. Upholstered bedhead

By adding an upholstered bedhead, you create a sense of warmth and luxury to your room. Yes, we use an upholstered bedhead for its aesthetic purpose, but you can use it for your own convenience. Whether you read in bed, watch TV or eat your breakfast in bed, unlike a wooden or metal bedframe, headboards are made of fabric making them more comfortable and durable. 

  1. Add texture

Texture is vital when it comes to interior styling, without texture the room will look flat. You can add texture and subtle patterns using cushions, throws and coverlets, creating dimension and adding depth to bring the room to life. By using the ‘tuck back’ technique, folding the quilt cover back, not only does it create a luxe feel to the room, but you create space to add your decorative cushions. You may need to pull it back even further if you are considering adding a lot of decorative cushions. 


  1. Artwork

An artwork is probably the most important principle of interior styling, it creates a focal point for the room and is what ties the entire room together, reinforcing the overall mood for the space. 


  1. Bedside Tables

Adding bedside tables to your bedroom isn't just a great easy and efficient way to organise your bedroom, bedside tables are a great way to create symmetry and add style/ character to the room. There are many ways to style your bedside tables, a few options include accessorising with bedside lamps, pretty blooms, books, a lovely, scented candle, or even a leaning artwork. The idea is to balance out your bedsides, without overcrowding them.


  1. Artificial Lighting

Artificial lighting creates visual stimulation– We are always drawn to the brightest point in a room, so we use artificial light to accentuate specific features in the space. The use of warm lighting in a bedroom can make the room feel cosier and calmer, completing the overall look and feel of the room, adding the 'WOW' factor!


  1. Adding a seating nook

If your bedroom is of a larger scale, you want to make sure you utilise the space properly. Consider adding a seating nook in a corner creating symmetry and even out the scale of the room- a great way to suggest formality. Finish the seating nook by adding a side table, soft furnishings, and some accessories to the side table- The perfect spot to unwind after a long, hard days works. 


And there you have it, an innovative way to create a functional space that complements the existing space.