How to Decorate your Home for Sale

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If you’ve lived in your house for a long time, the personality and interests of you and your family are probably obvious.

There’s your collection of miniature elephants. And that wall proudly displaying your children's’ framed masterpieces. And how about those overfilled bookcases with dusty encyclopedias you just can’t throw away?

It’s fine to have these special areas. But when you’re getting ready to sell, you need to keep the buyer in mind.

Feeling overwhelmed? Here are some ideas to get started with the process!

A beginners’ guide for home decorating


1. Avoid clutter

Make sure you don’t have too many ‘things’ stealing the show as potential buyers walk around. Remove any excess items that don’t need to be there.

The placement of furniture is vital. Consider the number of people inspecting the property. They’ll need to move around the furniture smoothly without obstruction. And the correct placement can actually make the room feel larger!


  • Entry - Your agent and buyers will often linger and chat in the entry, so make sure there’s plenty of space available.
  • Bedrooms - The bed should be the focal point. Fill empty corners with a chair, standalone mirror, or hat/bag stand.
  • Living rooms - Make the sofa (not the television) the focal point. If it’s a large room, bring the furniture away from the walls to create more intimate spaces. Make sure there’s a clear indication between the living and dining zones.


Read more decluttering tips here (link to


2. Work with your house style

The style and architecture of your home will determine how to decorate.


Is your home:

  • Modern?
  • Contemporary?
  • Period?
  • Traditional?
  • Classic?

Consider your current furniture and decide whether it suits the feel of the property. For example, modern black and silver tableware may look out of place in a 1930s Federation home. In this instance, wooden furniture may work better.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us.


3. Consider colours

Stand back and examine the wall colours as an outsider. Pink might be your favourite, but will potential buyers want to live inside a frosted cupcake? They’ll probably cringe at the thought of repainting after moving in.

It’s safest to work with two neutral colours and an accent. It’s okay to use bright accents in small doses, such as for feature walls, but leave it at that so you’re not overwhelming the senses.


4. Seek inspiration

If you’re unsure of how to decorate your home, there’s a few actions to take:

  • Do the ‘old school’ thing and check out home styling books at your local library or bookstore.
  • Consider the homes of your friends and family members and write down the aspects you like.
  • Walk around a plant nursery and choose indoor plants that will bring your place to life.
  • Jump onto Pinterest and research different styling options for different spaces.


5. Make hanging artworks work

Whether you have blank wall spaces or walls cluttered with framed memories, your artworks need to complement the rooms.

A single artwork in the centre of the wall should be at eye level (approx 150cm). If you’re affixing a pair of artworks, they also need to be centred and 2 inches apart. We recommend using a level to check they are straight as well!

You should also:

  • Buy the right hook for the weight of the art
  • Use anchors for brick and picture hooks for gyprock
  • Avoid using removable hooks
  • Use 2 hooks per artwork for security and stability

Decorating your home for sale can be fun - but it’s not for everyone.


If you’re struggling to create the right look or have a tight timeframe, feel free to contact us. We’ll have your place looking schmick and ready for sale in no time!


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