Styling for the colder months

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Now that the colder weather is well and truly upon us we take comfort in heating our homes and the desire to relax in a cosy environment.


What looked great for summer and spring in homewares doesn’t always translate to the cooler months.


When the thermometer drops, we rug up in knits and soft textures, it’s easy to use this principal to change the look of our home with a few simple tips.


Colour is a great way of moving from one season to the next.  The colour wheel is split in cool and warm colours.  The warm colours are red, orange and yellow.  Use these colours, or differing shades of these colours, in your decorating for the cooler months.  Richer tones of neutral colours like taupe, chocolate and charcoal also create a sense of warmth.


Cushions are a versatile and inexpensive way of updating the look. Think of textured fabrics and knits for cushions, and consider colour.  Warmer colours like taupes, greys, copper and reds pump up the heat.  Throw in a textured throw to co-ordinate with the cushions and you’ll be rugging up with a hot chocolate and a movie.


For bedrooms, change the look of the linen and the cushions as well.  Richer tones and textures will create a cosy environment.  Make sure the bedside lamp bulbs are a warm glow. 


When updating the bathroom think richer, warmer colours for the towels.  Again chocolate, taupe, greys, ambers and reds will amp up the temperature in the bathroom.


Finally, take inspiration from anything that creates a sense of warmth, for example the colours of a fireplace, a hot chocolate or cosy knits or scarves in your wardrobe.


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