What is Property Styling?Property styling is art of making your property as appealing as possible to as many people as possible result in a faster sale at a higher price.
What is the hire period?The hire period is 4 weeks plus 2 weeks free.
Can I use some of my own furniture?Yes, we call this partial styling where we utilise existing furniture and beds. This will help keep the costs down.
How much notice to you need?We prefer as much notice as possible our minimum is 5 working days notice but would prefer 7-10 working days.
What about payment?Once the quote is approved we send an invoice with payment required 5 working days prior to installation.
Do you take credit card?Yes, we take Mastercard and Visa with 1.5% surcharge.
What about recreating the look?We recommend taking photos on your phone so you can easily recreate the styling.
Can you pick up earlier if we sell?Yes, we can pick up earlier if the property sell before the hire period expires.
What happens if we don’t sell?You have the option to extend the hire period and will be charged the weekly furniture hire component of the quote.