De-cluttering & Preparing your home for sale whilst in Isolation

Posted By MyPad Property Styling  

In our current climate, now is the perfect time to take the opportunity to de-clutter your house. Here are our top tips below!

Before you start- Get your de-cluttering tools ready

  • Garbage bags
  • Plastic storage bins or moving boxes
  • Space saver bags
  • Bubble wrap and/or butcher’s paper
  • A texta/marker
  • Packing tape
  • Skip Bin (in some instances!)

Step 1

  • Allocating one room per day
  • Delegating certain spaces to other family members
  • Sorting items into 3 piles - Keepers / Donate / Throw

The ‘Keepers’ pile is for items you cannot part with. These items usually reflect your personality and are great for forming the basis for your decorating.
When deciding what to keep, try to be ruthless. Does the item fit with your desired decorating plan?
Do you actually use it? Do you need it? Will you miss it? Depending on your answer, you can either give it away or store it for your new home. For any items you choose to keep for the move, wrap them up in butcher’s paper and put aside for future accessorising.

The ‘Donate’ pile is for items in good condition, but you no longer want. These can be donated to charity, or a family or friend if you ​really ​ think they’ll enjoy it.  Most charity outlets will pick up your unwanted goods for free.