Presenting Your Home for Sale Checklist

Posted By MyPad Property Styling  

Presenting your home for sale is vital in a competitive market. Styling a property for sale is now the standard. Here are some helpful tips to give your property the best chance




  • Clean and paint the front door
  • Clean and shampoo carpets
  • Pack away any shoes or coats by front door
  • Add a new welcome mat to entry way
  • All doors and windows should open and close easy
  • Make sure any signs of pets are stored away
  • Clean and dust ceiling fans, skirting boards and light switches



  • Remove unnecessary furniture
  • Remove or hide all cords and wires
  • Replace dark curtains with sheers
  • Pack away family portraits
  • Store away old magazines



  • Hang light coloured, floor to ceiling curtains
  • Open blinds to let in light
  • Bring in indoor plants to add light and colour
  • Add mirrors for more light & to open up spaces
  • Wall art should be hung at eye level



  • Remove most items on counters
  • Add bowl of fruit to add colour
  • Remove all items from the refrigerator door
  • Replace old knobs and hardware
  • Fix or replace any leaky taps
  • Repaint any bold or loud colours
  • Clean all windows inside and out



  • Remove TV and any other entertainment items
  • Fresh white textured linen on beds
  • Add new pillows and throws
  • Pack away 50% of items in closet
  • Use all the same hangers in robe
  • Hang clothes in groups & face same direction
  • Clean up and pack away kids toys



  • Put away toothbrushes, bins, toilet brushes and all toiletry items
  • Hang new, white towels and new shower curtains
  • Add new bottle of hand soap on counter
  • Clean around the toilet and bathtub. Always keep the toilet seat down



  • Pressure clean paved surfaces
  • Update old letterbox
  • Remove excess pot plants