How to create a great first impression - before stepping inside the house!

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Are you proud of the exterior of your home? Does it give the impression of a house well-maintained? Or does it cry ‘renovator’s dream’? Or even ‘enter if you dare’?


Within the first 30 seconds of seeing your home from the outside, potential buyers have already formed an opinion. So it’s important to be aware of the message your house is portraying.


The street appeal of a house sets expectations for what waits inside, and ultimately you want people to be excited from the moment they approach the property.


The aim is to make maintenance look as effortless as possible. You don’t want to make potential buyers think there is a lot of work ahead of them after the deal is done.


What needs attention?


Take a few minutes to stand outside your place - and try to view it with a fresh pair of eyes.


Consider all angles that prospective buyers might see as they travel to your property. Take note of what stands out - is it the garden, roofline, fence, or garage door? Or something else? What condition are they in? The next step is to determine what needs to be done. 


The great thing about street appeal is that you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to make improvements - as long as you’re willing to do the work yourself.

How to improve your street appeal


Here are some suggestions for potential improvements:





  • Repair any cracks if possible
  • Conduct a pressure clean
  • Remove oil spills
  • Remove garbage bins, basketball hoops, and skateboard ramps
  • Park cars in the garage
  • Edge the lawns



  • Repair or replace if broken and/or give a fresh coat of paint



  • Add new mulch
  • Remove weeds
  • Remove and replace dead plants



  • Sweep away any dirt
  • Repair loose tiles
  • Conduct a pressure clean
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Remove excess pot plants - just have one or two near the entry with a potted colour



  • Repair broken glass or handles, or even replace it completely.
  • Paint your front door with a vibrant colour to make a great entrance. Make it the star of the home!
  • Repair the flyscreen and remove any cobwebs
  • Purchase a top of the range front door mat
  • Purchase a new doorbell/knocker and house number



  • Ensure they are all clean, with no streak marks
  • Repair broken windows
  • Re-paint over any chipped paint


  • Repair any broken lights
  • Ensure the same bulbs are used for all lights
  • Install solar garden lights
  • Turn the lights on for dusk open home viewings



  • Pack away the mower and garden tools
  • Create as much floor space as possible - use storage tubs or even hire a self-storage space



  • Repair loose tiles
  • Conduct a pressure clean
  • Remove leaves from the gutter
  • Paint eaves or pressure clean


In some instances, you may wish to seek the services of a house cleaner, gardener, handyman, or pressure cleaner to complete all the tasks. A small upfront cost for these services can actually make a massive difference to the final sale price.


Good luck with your first open home!


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