Simple Steps to Styling Living Spaces

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Is the date for your first open home quickly approaching?


Are you eager to make the place look so amazing that potential buyers practically trip over each other to present the highest offer to you?


That would be awesome, right? But also a lot of pressure!


Styling your rooms in anticipation of an open home or private walkthroughs can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. We’ve put together some simple action points to help you out.


Simple steps to styling living spaces


In general, we highly recommend removing excess furniture and clutter from your home as the very first step. (Read our blog ‘Decluttering for a successful sale’ for more tips). The last thing you want is for your home to appear small. After you’ve done that, it’s time to make every living space as attractive as possible to potential buyers!




  • Remove excess furniture - Keeping in mind that there’ll be a flow of people moving in and out of the entryway, keep the furniture limited to a console table with an attractive piece of art.
  • Feature flowers - Simply featuring a decorative bunch of fresh flowers upon entry is a lovely way to greet potential buyers.



Living Room


  • Create conversation and comfort - In formal living rooms, we recommend arranging the seating in a conversational format for entertaining guests. Featuring cushions in luxurious fabrics adds an elegant element to the space.
  • A space for family - The casual living room is normally considered a family-friendly zone, so featuring brightly coloured decor and adding artworks enhances the character of the room.
  • Lamps and rug recommended - Displaying a rug and adding lamps help to create a sense of warmth and ambiance to the space.


Dining Room


  • Keep it simple - Featuring a piece of art on the wall or decorative ornament on the dining room table, alongside basic table decorations, is the perfect arrangement for this room.




  • Pack away signs of your daily life - Declutter benchtops, remove items from the window sills, and take down magnets from the fridge.
  • Don’t hide behind closed doors - Dedicate time to tidy the pantry, cupboards, and under the sink as potential buyers usually check these areas to determine the space available.
  • Use bright colours - Make your kitchen ‘pop’ by placing coloured accessories such as coffee machines, kettle or cookbooks on the benchtop. A big bowl of citrus fruit also makes a great impact.


Main Bedroom


  • Beautify the bed - When you walk into the main bedroom, the bed should be the centre of attention. Rotate your furniture and move the bed so it’s up against the middle of the wall, alongside matching bedside tables and lamps on either side.
  • Add a splash of colour - Consider affixing an eye-catching piece of art above the bed (if you haven’t already), and add some cushions and a lovely throw on the bed that complements the artwork’s colours.
  • Limit the furniture - Make the bedroom look as large as possible by removing excess furniture.





  • Keep it clean and fresh - The bathroom must have a clean and hygienic feel, so we recommend removing curtains and cleaning off any mould and soap stains from the shower and/or bath. Adding white fluffy towels can give a luxurious ‘hotel feel’ to the bathroom.
  • Time to tidy - Pack away floor mats, scales, bins, toilet brushes and toilet roll holders. Also, declutter cupboards and remove all signs of daily life.
  • Simple touches - A small plant and a nice soap dispenser can add some character to the bathroom.


TIP: Keep a basket in the vanity to place all of your toiletries during open homes.



Alfresco / Outdoor Living Areas


  • Remove the distractions - Pack away any items that don’t complement the space, such as excess plants, kids toys, dog beds, and kennels.
  • Destroy the dirt - Pressure clean the pavers and wipe down the outdoor table and chairs.
  • Ignite the imagination - Adding brightly coloured cushions and a tray of drinks on the table will create a fun and entertaining outdoor space.



We hope you’re now feeling inspired, rather than overwhelmed, with styling your home for sale. For any further advice and assistance, feel free to contact us on 02 8001 6405 or


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