Prepare Your Home for Sale

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You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!


If putting your house on the market wasn’t already daunting enough, you also need to ready your home (and yourself) for the whole process to make sure achieve the result you’re after. Sometimes you can be a little biased towards your own home’s style and look, it can definitely be an advantage to look into getting another opinion on whether or not it will be attractive to future buyers.


Getting help from somebody in the know-how to help style your property often will see a home with the “right” look being sold faster and for a higher amount. A bit of help can go a long way when transforming your property when it comes time to sell, especially considering the ever-changing trends of interior design and real estate market.


Your property is usually your biggest asset and you certainly wouldn’t want to short-change yourself, it just makes sense to present your property to its absolute best. Given the constant renovation shows on the TV and “hot” property market, buyers are savvy these days and if everything isn’t up to scratch it’s safe to assume they’ll be looking to make discounted offers.


Don’t jump straight to conclusions and think readying your home for sale means having to splash out on renovating your property. It’s becoming far more common, and recommended by industry professionals, to style the interior of your home instead. The main focus of your home can be accentuated by a cohesive and on trend design with hired furniture and a professional touch.


Your home’s exterior has as much to say about the property as the interior, after all it’s the first thing prospective purchasers will see. You’ve got to consider possible updates to the paint, trimming, roof or landscaping, sometimes it can just mean a simple yard tidy or a complete overhaul on the exterior to add a modern touch. Seeking professional advice by people who understand the current Sydney market will help you to avoid any big mistakes.


The way you style to live in a home and the way you style it for sale are two different things, and it can be overwhelming to know where to start first. MyPad Property Styling is the go-to in Sydney for your property styling needs, let them help put your mind at rest on the best way to ready your home for sale and make the whole process a lot simpler, you’ll end up saving yourself time, money and sanity.


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