Styling for Spring

Posted By MyPad  

Spring is just around the corner and the busy home selling season is about to start.  Don’t leave it to the last minute to get your home ready for sale.  This is a costly mistake and could lose you thousands of dollars on auction day.


Savvy home buyers are desperately seeking that emotional attachment when they walk into what could potentially be their next home.  As a home seller, you want as many ‘potential buyers’ to fall in love with your home


Hiring furniture, artwork and accessories is an investment in your biggest asset.  After all, you want to get the best price possible, right?  If this means outlaying a few thousand dollars to achieve an extra $50,0000, $80,000 or $100,000 would you do it?  Of course!  Plus, your home will be competing with other homes that have been styled so, if you’re not in the race, you’re just not in the race.


Using the services of a Property Stylist will add value to your home by presenting it at its best.  A Stylist will bring in colourful artwork, cushions and decorative accessories.  A Property Styling company like MyPad Property Styling, based in the Hills, also have a warehouse of furniture so they can update any outdated or tired look furniture.


MyPad Property Styling offer more than styling, for a thorough pre-sale property check up and styling options, contact us on 8001 6405 to book a stylist.  Or email us at  To view our success stories, check out our Facebook page.


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