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Now that daylight savings is over and the days are getting shorter we rely more heavily on artificial lighting.  Lighting is a valuable tool in decorating and knowing the different options helps to work out how to correctly light a room.  In decorating as with anything too much of anything is overwhelming and too little has no impact.  This is most certainly the case for lighting.


Lighting can be broken down into three categories, these are:

  1. AMBIENT light refers to lighting provided by a central ceiling light or LED spots. The most common mistake we see in homes is that a low wattage bulb has been used in overhead lights.  Lighting is a valuable tool in selling your home, potential buyers want to walk into a home that has either loads of natural light during the day and has sufficient lighting in the evenings.  With winter approaching and the sunlight not as bright it’s important to increase the wattage in overhead lights.
  2. ACCENT light refers to low-level lighting focused on an object to create a feature or focal point. This would be a table lamp, a floor lamp or a decorative pendant hanging over a dining table or island bench.  We consider accent lighting to be like the jewellery in a room.  It’s decorative and should have a beautiful glow.
  3. TASK lighting refers to lighting used for a purpose and its concentrated light illuminates an area. This would be a desk lamp or lights over a mirror in a bathroom.  A feature can also be made of a task light.


The right lighting will create ambience and set a mood that has a welcoming feel.

When preparing your home for sale use the same wattage bulbs for ambient lighting, this also refers to the exterior of the home.  Make sure all the lamps in the bedrooms have matching globes and they work.  And when the property is listed, turn on all the lights throughout the home at dusk including the exterior.  If your home is lit up it will appear attractive to potential buyers as they’re driving past.


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