Styling for a Quicker Sale

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When you decide to sell your car, you want the best possible price, right?   You get it detailed and make sure any imperfections are fixed.  The same theory applies to your home. 


Property Styling is the answer to ensuring your home is presented at its absolute best so you achieve a quicker sale at the highest possible price.  But why does it work?


  1. A styled home stands out on the internet and attracts more buyers to the open.
  2. Buyers fall in love with a home within moments of inspecting, you only have one opportunity to create this emotional connection.
  3. Once inside, buyers linger longer because they imagine themselves living there.
  4. A styled home leaves a lasting impression at the end of a busy day of inspections.
  5. A styled home increases the perceived value of your home by creating the impression that it’s been well maintained.
  6. Empty or poorly furnished rooms can confuse buyers. Styling maximizes the space and paints a clear purpose for the room.


Styling is more than decorating; it is part marketing and psychology.  A good stylist understands the target market and will consider the traffic flow on the open days.


By investing in a few thousand dollars (the cost of a bid) up front you can achieve returns in the tens of thousands.   Styling is an investment, after all, our home is generally our biggest financial asset and the more you receive in your pocket means more to spend on the new house.


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