Styling to Sell Your Home

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When it comes to the current property market, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. A few tricks of the trade can help ensure the eye sees what you want it to see and presenting your home at its best results in a quicker sale and often at a higher price than expected.


Part decorating, part marketing, part psychology, professional property styling to sell highlights your homes best features and is becoming an increasingly popular process involved in putting a property to the market. Homeowners and agents alike are acknowledging the importance of professionally presenting your property to sell quickly and at a better price.


Property styling is designed to prepare your home for sale by accentuating its advantages and eliminating or reducing the perceived negatives, there’s a real economic advantage to professionally styling your home.


It’s a hot market out there and how you present your home determines if and how you beat your competition. Property styling is about being able to see your home through the eyes of prospective buyers and making changes necessary to persuade them to purchase it. By identifying what will sell your home and using it to your advantage, through decorating and styling it in a way that will maximise these features, you’re guaranteed interested buyers will see the same potential you do 


By presenting your home at its best, styling will help convince buyers that your home is the one for them.  If your home is well decorated buyers will feel at ease that the house is structurally sound as well, where often without styling, most people cannot see the possibilities a home holds for them.  More than 80% of people cannot visualise a home’s potential, which means by styling your home, you’ve increased the potential buyers for your home by up to 80%, and those are much better looking odds than the original 20%.  The buyer doesn’t have to imagine your home at its best because you’ve done the work for them.


Research has shown that the longer your home is on the market, the further the ultimate purchase price drops below the asking price.  The idea is to get it on the market and sell it quickly, for a higher price; it’s a win for you and the agent. There are major incentives in investing in property styling upfront and increasing the number of interested parties to bring excitement and hype to the sale of your home.


There’s an art to the process, it takes more than just opening the latest catalogue to fit your home correctly, and it can be a costly procedure if you don’t engage with a professional who knows how to improve your chances for a strong sale. The major difference when styling to sell is to focus on the target market that will be attracted to your home. By de-cluttering and de-personalising, buyers can imagine themselves living in your home, and when it’s your home it’s often best to remove yourself from the situation. 


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