Styling your Kitchen

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The kitchen is often the most expensive room in your home and can make or break a sale.   Most importantly prospective buyers are wanting to see ample working space on the benchtop and storage in the cupboards.  The kitchen should also be squeaky clean.  So, it’s not necessary to do a complete renovation.  Here are some easy suggestions to make your kitchen more appealing.

  • Benchtops - clear the benchtops of clutter, this includes, dish racks and cleaning products. This also includes window sills that tend to accumulate clutter.
  • Appliances – if you have a wide array of appliances on the benchtop it’s best to store these out of site. A coffee machine is however an exception to the rule.  And, if your microwave doesn’t have a dedicated provision it’s best to store it out of site. 
  • Door handles – an affordable update that can change the look of the kitchen is to change the handles to something more on trend.
  • Fridge – remove magnets and kid’s artwork.
  • Clean – clean all cupboards inside and out until the kitchen is sparkling. Don’t forget to clean the range hood and inside the oven.  Light fittings and light switches can also become grubby over time.  Consider hiring a cleaner if this is too daunting!
  • Paint – a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling and walls can make all the difference.
  • Bar Stools – if you have a lovely island bench, don’t cover it up with high backed bar stools. Stools without a back will make the room appear larger.
  • Pantry – de-clutter inside your pantry and under the cupboards. Prospective buyers will open cupboards to determine the amount of storage. 
  • Styling – Kitchens have a lot of hard surfaces, so give your kitchen a more organic feel by adding some timber chopping boards, a large bowl of limes and potted herbs or vase of flowers.




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